ABC Fuels offers two price protection plans that put you in control of the price you pay for heating oil. Both plans are available to customers who receive automatic delivery. These plans are developed to protect you from possible price increases before winter hits when your heating fuel usage is at its highest:

  • Capped Price Plan: With this program, you’ll never pay more than the capped price-per-gallon for heating oil. If retail rates rise above the cap price, you still pay the cap rate. If retail rates fall below the cap rate, you pay the lower price. The Capped Price Plan carries a downside protection fee.
  • Pre-Buy Plan: This program locks in your price per gallon at a lower fixed price for a predetermined number of gallons that you select and pay for before the heating season. The Pre-Buy Plan carries a downside fee.

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    Effective Date: August 3, 2021

    150 Gallon Minimum Per Order
    (surcharge will be added for orders under 150 gallons)

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